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About us

We are Simon and Anthony; two pals, two dads, two professionals. Between us, we’ve racked up over 45 years of experience as Goldsmiths, and are experts in repairing jewellery and creating bespoke pieces. 


We've set up shop in the quaint village of Churchtown, Southport to provide a jewellery repair service for local residents and those who love to visit. We spend our days cutting, filing, hammering, turning, spinning, bending and casting gold or other metals, in order to mend, restore and create jewellery. This includes working with precious and semi-precious stones.  

Please feel welcome to swing by with any broken jewellery and we can provide you with expert advice on the best course of action, or pop in to take a look at the pieces we have for sale.

Meet the Goldsmiths

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